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  • Iznos preko 250KM , besplatna dostava!

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WF6F 14g

WF6F 14g

100.00KM 60.90KM

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The Reflection Series consists of medium length WF-lines with exceptional performances. We have measured and casted literally hundreds of WF-lines with very different tapers, we have designed three prototype versions ourselves and finally agreed on a line concept that, in our modest opinions, deserves the term master piece.

A series of lines tapered so carefully and smoothly that they invoke their name sake – “Reflection” – whenever you cast them. First and foremost, lines for short to medium long presentations, but also lines with exceptional shooting capabilities allowing several meters of overhang, if longer casts are necessary to reach fish rising along your personal limits.

• Line Indication Print
• Total Length #4-5 27.4m
• Total Length #6-9 29.8m
• Head Length 11.2
• Color Level Part: White
• Color Head Part: Ice Blue
• #7-9 – micro looped in front

• Line Indication Print
• Total Length 30.1m
• Head Length 10.3m
• Color Float Part: White
• Color Intermediate Part: Glass Green
• #7-9 – micro looped in front

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