• Iznos preko 250 KM , besplatna dostava

  • Iznos preko 250KM , besplatna dostava!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Due to technical problems and problems with exporting administration policy for goods which we sell currently we are unable to deliver the goods outside territory of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovin.
Our wholesale department is at your disposal from Mon.-Sat. from 9 to 5. (09:00 AM till 17:00 PM) and you can call us on +387 65 838-653 ; +387 65 497-431

(international phone prefix for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovin is  387)
Our retail stores are located in Bosnia – Stefana Decanskog 291 (Agro Trzni Centar),  76300 Bijeljina

For any question feel free to call our Customer support service on +387 65 838-653 ; +387 65 497-431(international phone prefix for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 00 387)

Veleprodaja Bijeljina

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Veleprodaja i Internet maloprodaja Bijeljina
76 300 Bijeljina

Stefana Decanskog 291 - Agro Trzni Centar
tel:+387 65/838-653
tel: +387 65/497-431